Traveling With Pets

July 21st, 2016 by
Driving with Pets

Traveling with pets doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be a breeze!

Taking your canine companion or feline friend on a road trip can be a great experience provided you prepare properly. Traveling with pets is a little different from riding with other humans. That’s why it’s important to take all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid more than one accident on the road. Here are a few tips on traveling with pets from us here at Lancaster Mazda.

  1. Vehicle – While a compact car with high efficiency is preferable for many drivers, it won’t work out well for pets. Most animals, particularly large dogs, will find the cramped conditions uncomfortable and it’s more than likely they’ll let you know the entire ride to your destination. If you plan on traveling with a large dog, let alone multiple dogs, pick the slightly less efficient crossover or SUV. More space means a happier ride with your companions.
  2. Packing – When you hit the road, it’s wise to bring food, water, treats, and a toy to keep your pet occupied. Make sure to bring a collar ID tag as well, just in case your pet escapes. Bringing documentation of shots isn’t a bad idea either.
  3. Driving – Once you hit the road, remember to make frequent stops so your pet can stretch its legs and relieve itself. The last thing any driver wants is any sort of accident miles away from home.
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