Tips for Driving in the Rain

June 29th, 2016 by
Driving in Rain

With these tips, driving in the rain might not be as tense!

Heading out on the road could result in running into rainfall at any moment. Wet pavement is a main factor in over a million accidents a year. Reducing your risk and driving safely is much easier than you’d think. Here are some tips for driving in the rain from us here at Lancaster Mazda.

  1. Watch Your Speed – Driving at high speeds greatly increases the chance you’ll find yourself hydroplaning. Even new tires can lose traction at speeds as low as 35 mph. Although you may be driving at slow speeds, making sure you have enough time to react all comes down to how much space is between you and the next car. Being able to react in time is much more likely if you slow down and leave more distance between cars.
  2. Avoid Cruising – Unlike on dry pavement, cruise control can be a hazard on wet roadways. When cruise control is active, the driver isn’t able to decrease acceleration by simply taking their foot off the pedal. That can seriously hinder your ability to stop in time. By avoiding cruise control, slowing down in rainy weather is much easier.
  3. Skidding Out – If you find yourself in a skid, there are two important steps to take. First, steer in the direction you want the car to go. Second, don’t slam on the brakes as that will only make it harder to keep control of the vehicle.

Avoiding panicking at all costs, take the proper precautions, and driving in the rain shouldn’t be a problem!

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